SEPT 9-17 Miami Beach Convention Center
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We know that we are not the biggest and we don’t want to be. What we do want is to provide a unique and better alternative that is right for today’s new car buyers.

In the beginning, we recognized that most small cars had no style or substance, they were just plain boring. Scion set out to break the rules and stand apart from other car brands. We knew that drivers wanted more than just an affordable car, they wanted something to express their individuality and fit their lifestyle. We decided to build great quality cars with unique body styles and let our owners personalize them with a variety of different accessories. We also aimed to simplify the buying process so you have fun shopping for a Scion – doing away with haggling so that you would have a hassle-free sales and ownership experience    

Our parent company, Toyota, believed in Scion and we started working out of a warehouse on the Toyota campus. Today we are a small, determined team with a drive for delivering what people want, dedicated to the fun-loving, creative side in all of us.

We are a car company that actively supports and collaborates with people who are driven to follow their own passions. We have helped emerging talent in the arts, music, design and auto enthusiast realms for nearly ten years. That’s how we built a loyal following of dedicated owners who have helped us grow into the company we are today.

Scion — built by passion, not by committee.

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